Stay informed with the most up to date patient records. Access the Providence Health Information Exchange (HIE) to help guide your patients to future optimal health. The most robust resource for patient clinical data in the communities we serve.

Our Solutions

Unified Patient Record

A comprehensive view of patient health records. Connected to 50+ EMR systems. We organize, normalize and aggregate patient information to create a single patient record that is easy to read.


A web enabled clinical viewer for authorized users to review the Unified Patient Records. See more...


Direct and secure access to clinical data in our HIE from within your EMR system.

Electronic Results Delivery

This fully automated system sends results directly into provider EMRs, delivering lab, radiology and hospital reports to ordering and copied providers.

Electronic Lab Orders

A closed-loop cycle from lab order entry to results delivered to the providers EMR.

Direct® Messaging

As easy as sending an email, Direct® messaging allows for simple, HIPAA compliant transmission of protected health information to or from any Direct® address within your EMR.

Alerts and Notifications

Customized real-time notifications, configured and delivered to meet a variety of needs:

  • Hospital admissions, discharges and emergency department visits
  • Alerts for all your patients, or just those that meet specific clinical or demographic criteria
  • Sent directly into your EMR or by secure email, to specific care team members.


A powerful platform that provides the ability to communicate and share resources, along with a reporting tool to help improve service performance and quality. You can find published dashboards and reports, such as the Provider and Patient Satisfaction Scorecards for your practice.

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